Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giant Marshmallow Pillow -- Yeah!

When I started this blog I was like, "Hey, everything's so awesome! I can't wait to see what awesome stuff's obviously just about to happen every second from now until forever!  I'm going to document all that awesome here in this space, just watch! Yay!"

Well, yeah.  I meant to, and I really do, actually, experience the majority of my life as a series of awesome events.  The things is that I'm also a little bit hermit-y and if I were to write about the things that make me the happiest and most excited on any kind of regular basis, what we'd have here would be a collection of adorable cat pictures and stories and a series of groaningly punny dialogues between me and my boyfriend and/or one or both of us talking to the cat.

Also, for all the fist shaking and righteous indignation on the page, having the energy to invest in larger social issues is a luxury that depressed-me couldn't afford (or was too miserly to budget for).  Despite appearances, it's a sign of mental health.  But, depending on your taste, maybe less fun than the rainbows and unicorns I seemed to be promising in the beginning.

And I like it.  I like my over-long and thinky entries.  I like my old smart friends who leave comments and the new friends I've acquired because they're smart and leave comments. I like that even though there aren't a ton of readers, at least some portion of my stats are actual human beings and not click-back bots.

Now you say, "Get to the point, Ramblin' Rose!"

And I say, "Right. Anyway, I'm leaving this business just the way it is, but for those of you with a taste for fly-by-night animation and the disassociative short fiction of dreams, I made a fun blog."

Go now, my pretties.

Seriously, though, how awesome is he?


  1. Hey, thought I'd leave a comment just to prove how smart I am! Love your blog(s). Also, your cat is awesome.

  2. You are soooooooo smart. And your cat is awesome too. I had to log in as Gary the other day and saw a link to your blog but it looks like you quit it, maybe? I would like it if you stopped quitting it.

  3. I can't decide if I would rather be a smart commenter or an awesome cat... are both options still available?

  4. Tough call, I know. I have to say, the life of an awesome cat is, well, awesome. The constant sense of wonder inspired by twist ties and boxes and guitar strings, plus the at-will napping, personal chef, and basically full license to act like a total loon and get oodles of love and attention for it? I'd take that, I think.

    Since it's unlikely that either of us will undergo any kind of species morphing, I guess being a smart commenter will have to do. It does take some of the edge off acknowledging a world gone mad, no?